New Flash Point .21 Nitro Engine Now in stock

New Flash Point .21 Nitro Engine Now in stock

6th Jun 2018

New Flash Point .21 Nitro Engine

Flash Point R/C is excited to announce the NEW FP01 nitro engine. The FP01 uses a long stroke design that provides amazing power and great fuel consumption. The FP01 is a great choice for use in the nitro buggy and truggy applications. The FP01 provides exceptional low to mid-range torque.


  • Long stroke design provides great low-to middle-range torque
  • 3 port configuration delivers more power with less fuel consumption
  • Lower CG cooling head
  • Silicone filled crankshaft with tungsten counterweight
  • Reliable 21J carburetor with 7mm restrictor
  • P3 glow plug

Available in the following configurations:

FP2501 – FP01 .21 Nitro Engine with Steel Bearings

FP2502 – FP01 .21 Nitro Engine Combo with Steel Bearings and FP2500 Tuned Pipe/Manifold

FP2503 – FP01 .21 Nitro Engine with Ceramic Rear Bearing

FP2504 – FP01 .21 Nitro Engine Combo with Ceramic Rear Bearing and FP2500 Tuned Pipe/Manifold


Displacement: 0.213 cu in (3.49cc)

Bore: 0.641 in (16.27 mm)

Stroke: 0.661 in (16.80 mm)

Practical rpm: 4,000-42,000

Power Output: 2.61 hp/2.65 ps @ 34,000 rpm

Weight: 12.45 oz (353 g)