JX15003 JX Pipe 21B EFRA 2089 (2090)

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JX15003 JX Pipe 21B EFRA 2089 (2090)

JX15003 JX Pipe 21B EFRA 2089 (2090)

The JX15003 offers amazing low-end torque. This pipe will have more low-end power then the JX15001. The JX15003 pipe works great on tighter tracks or tracks with higher grip levels. This pipe is designed specifically of O.S. based engines like the Ninja B05 and Flash Point FP01 and will deliver excellent overall performance. The set includes the tuned pipe, manifold (75mm), gaskets and retaining springs

Items included:

1 - JX14004 Ninja Exhaust Gasket

1 - JX15003 Ninja Tuned Pipe

3 - JZ15002 Ninja Retailing Springs