M1019 MRX6X Conversion Kit


Convert your Mugen MRX6R into the World Champion MRX6X with this conversion kit. This kit includes all the new parts specifically designed for the 6X. All parts will directly mount to the 6R. We have also included a new 0.8 Pinion Gear Tool so you can tighten up the new fine pitch pinions without gauging up the gears. Please use the MRX6X instruction manual to make the install easier (link below). 


***Note: Miscellaneous screws are not included with this conversion kit. We figure since you are a hard-core racer that you will have screws in your race box!***


Included in the M1019 MRX6X Conversion Kit:


-       H0272-B - Front Drive Shaft (2pcs)

-       H2151-B - Alum Rear Upper Bulkheads (2pcs)

-       H2161L-R – Front Upright Left/Right

-       H2162 – Alum Front Upright Insert (2pcs)

-       H2163 – Rear Lower and Upper Suspension Arm (2pcs ea.)

-       H2164 – Graphite Rear Upper Arm Plate

-       H2165L-R – Front Upper Suspension Arm Left/Right

-       H2166L-R – Graphite Front Lower Shock Mount (2pcs)

-       H2167 – Roll Bar

-       H2233 – 0.8M 1st Gear Pinion 19T

-       H2235 – 0.8M 2nd Gear Pinion 24T

-       H2238 – 0.8M 1st Gear Spur Gear 61T

-       H2241 – 0.8M2nd Gear Spur Gear 57T

-       H2516 – Front Graphite Shock Tower

-       B0554 – Pinion Gear Tool For 0.8 Gears


MRX6X instruction Manual link. CLICK HERE