MBX8T Features:    
♦ 3mm A-7075 hard anodized chassis    
♦ HT Differentials throughout and Lightweight 46T spur gear    
♦ Straight cut conical and ring differential gears    
♦ Durable box-shaped suspension arms and arm stiffeners.
♦ Front/Rear 16mm hard-anodized threaded shocks with 3.5mm shock shafts
♦ Stylish, pre-cut cab forward body    
Differentials Oils:

Front - 10,000 wt Oil (B0317)
Rear - 7,000 wt Oil (B0323)
Center - 10,000 wt Oil (B0317)

Shocks, Springs and Sway Bars:

Front - 600 wt Oil (B0326) / φ1.5 L75/7.5T Spring (E0574) / φ1.3 6H Piston (E2569) / 2.4mm ARB
Rear - 600 wt Oil (B0326) / φ1.5 L86/7.75T Spring (E0578) / φ1.3 6H Piston (E2569) / 2.7mm ARB

Download: Technical Data:


♦ Width: 413mm
♦ Parts list  ♦ Wheel Base: 373~378mm Adj.
 Setup sheet 
♦ Gear Ratio: 16.28:1
♦ Instruction manual 
Exploded Veiw
 Option parts
Other necessary equipment:
2ch Radio and 2 servos/Receiver/Battery (Flat Pack)/Rear Exhaust Engine/Muffler & Manifold//Tires w/Wheels/Engine Starter/Body paint/Tools/Fuel.
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