MRX6X Building a World Champion





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Mugen Seiki is proud to introduce the new MRX6X 1/8th nitro on-road kit. The MRX6X is inspired and based off the products used by Mugen Seiki driver, Shoki Takahata, to capture the 2019 IFMAR 1:8 On-Road World Champion hosted by Steel City R/C Speedway. The features of the MRX6X help improve steering, rear traction, drivetrain efficiency, and drivability. 


History of the MRX6X started with ideas and improvements from Robert Pietsch. Robert proposed his ideas to Mr. Sanada and the two worked together in preparation for the 2019 IFMAR World Championship. Prototype parts were made, and testing began with Robert and Shoki on a number of different tracks and conditions. Testing with Robert and Shoki provided promising results! Shoki’s comments to Mr. Sanada were very clear and precise about the new parts. This created a lot of excitement for the Mugen Seiki Team heading into the IFMAR World Championship. Confidence in the new parts were high because of the improved handling of the already competitive MRX6R platform. 


Mugen Seiki made the trip to Steel City Raceway for the 2019 IFMAR World Championship with the new parts and the MRX6X prototype. The results speak for themselves with Shoki, Robert, and JJ showing amazing pace throughout practice, qualifying, and the finals. In the one hour final Shoki drove the MRX6X to become the 2019 IFMAR World Champion!! 


After winning the World Championship, we continued testing to finalize the production of the MRX6X. Mr. Sanada, Robert, and Shoki did more testing and made modifications to the prototype parts with various materials and thickness to make the production MRX6X even better than the prototype vehicle used at the Steel City Raceway. Each part was tested one at a time on various tracks with different characteristics to make sure it worked well for all track conditions. In the end, the features of the MRX6X help improve steering, rear traction, drivetrain efficiency, and drivability. 



Front suspension improvements


New front suspension geometry includes new front uprights and aluminum-bearing holders give you more overall steering and have a more precise steering feel. The main difference in geometry with the front uprights is the axle height. The new axle height has better steering response and allows drivers to maintain good lap times even when over driving the vehicle. The aluminum-bearing holders allow you to adjust the axle from inline to 1mm of trail in relationship to the pivot balls. The aluminum inserts also allow the bearings to have more support and run more freely and it makes for easier maintenance. The drive shafts can be removed with just two screws. The new shock mounts allow more clearance from the rim from touching the lower shock balls.


·     The shape of the upper front arm also changed to accommodate the current bodies on the market.


·     The new front shock tower and lower shock mounts have a new geometry that increase steering in the middle to the exit of the turn. 


·     New front drive shaft allows increase steering angles and more overall steering.  


·     The front wheel lever (H2231) is standard on the MRX6X and allow easier installation/removing of wheels.


Rear suspension improvements


·     New rear suspension geometry includes new rear upper A-arms and rear upper arm plate help improve rear traction. Drivers have the option between the upper A-Arm which give more rear traction and the upper I-arms that increase rotation.  


·     The rear wheel lever (H2232) is standard equipment on the MRX6X and allow easier installation/removing of wheels.


0.8 pinion & spur gears


The new 0.8M pinions and spur gears use a finer pitch that will increase drivetrain efficiency. On track you’ll notice increased acceleration as well as increased runtime. With the 0.8M gears we did a lot of testing because we noticed several brands having reliability issues when making the switch to 0.8M. Our testing has provided amazing results in both performance and reliability even in extremely high grip conditions. Also, the life of the pinions has improved a lot.