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Ninja B04


This is the Ninja JX21-B04 Off-Road Buggy Engine.  The innovative JX21-B04 engine includes a new fuel efficient carburetor with 6.5mm reducer. The new carburetor provides smoother easy to drive power and increased fuel efficiency.  The B04 comes with a tungsten weighted crankshaft with DLC coating.  The lightweight cooling head provides exceptional cooling and stable operating temperatures.


  • Ninja JX21-B04 engine.
  • Easy to tune fuel efficient carburetor.
  • Tungsten weighted crankshaft with DLC coating.
  • P3 turbo glow plug.
  • Aluminum 6.5 reducer.
  • Dust cap set.
  • Exhaust gasket.





Displacement 0.211 cu in (3.46 cc)
Bore 0.646 in (16.40 mm)
Stroke 0.646 in (16.40 mm)
Rear Ball Bearings Steel
Front Ball Bearings Steel
Weight 355g

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