Mugen Seiki Racing Pro Build

Mugen Seiki Pro Build MBX8

Tim Long has raced at the highest level as well as worked with and been a mechanic for some of the best drivers in the world.  Tim will now be offering high quality factory built vehicles at a reasonable price.   Tim will personally build each vehicle as if it was his own race vehicle.  Tim’s built tips and tricks will help take your racing program to the next level.  This service is available for racers of all levels.  Tim’s primary focus will be on Mugen Seiki’s MBX8, MBX8 Eco, MTC1, and MRX6 platforms.  


After receiving the factory built kit, you’ll just need to install your power plant, electronics, painted body, and set-up your radio system.  Thread lock will be applied to the needed areas, camber, toe, and droop will be set.  Diffs and shocks are pre built with the proper fluids to get you dialed in as soon as you hit the track.